Saratoga Youth League Tennis - Ages 5-14 All Levels

Ages 5-14 - All Levels YOUTH LEAGUE TENNIS Non Profit Community Jr Tennis League Youth League Tennis was created by Laura Kassirer, a Wimbledon player, so all kids can learn & compete with players of equal level in their own community 8 SUNDAYS WEST VALLEY COLLEGE Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall! Winter Dates: Jan 26 - March 15 Players are grouped into 5 skill levels: QUICK START: Beginners-group instruction. Ages 5-7 play half court - Red Balls GREEN: Beginners-group instruction for ages 8-14.Play with Red & Orange Balls RED: Novices-Drills; Introduction to match play - Orange Balls. YELLOW: Intermediates.-Drills; Match play - Orange & Green Dot Balls BLUE: Advanced-Drills; Match play - Green Dot and Yellow Balls Schedules are posted online! Space is limited. Scholarships are offered. $183 Session Fee includes: 8 classes, a personalized medal & a progress report Email Questions: ENROLL ONLINE:

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