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The safety of our students is our number one concern.

Students must arrive after 8:00 am unless otherwise arranged for with a teacher. The gates open each day at 8:00 am.

This also means that students may not be left outside of the locked gates.

As noted in the Castlemont Parent Handbook: "Students are not to arrive at school before 8:00 am as there is no supervision." 

If you need child care before or after school, we have Campbell Care, a fee based program.  For contact information, contact the CUSD Extensions Program at 408-364-4200 X…

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Fidget Toys


There seems to be a high number of students bringing fidget toys to school and have become a distraction.  Per our Parent Handbook:  “Items that are disruptive and/or can cause a safety hazard do not belong at school.”  Our main responsibility is to provide your children an environment that is conducive to learning.  If your child has a medical condition that warrants this device, please see the classroom teacher and discuss other options; otherwise, this item should remain at home or risk being confiscated.  

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Yummy Snap Peas


On Wednesday, April 27th, Castlemont students eagerly tried samples of the fresh, local snap peas that were served on the school salad bar.  The UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program and the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Youth Nutrition Program again staffed a “voting station” in the cafeteria so the student feedback could be provided to Nutrition Services.  They were happy to hear that 157 kids said they loved them, 34 said they liked them, and only 74 said they were not for them today.  Please ask your student how they voted!

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  • Three parent meetings have been scheduled for May 8, 9 and 10 to provide information and discussion about recent decisions affecting thw 2017-18 school year. Letters will more details will be sent to middle school families on Thursday, April 27th.
  • Meeting notes, key dates, and other information about the school transformation is available on the Transformation web page.
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Garden Beautification Day


Hello Castlemont Parents and Students from Coach Ryan from Playworks!

I'd like to inform everyone about an event that I will be hosting on Saturday May 6th from 9am-12pm. This event will consist of a Garden Beautification Day as well as a Play Day for all staff, parents, and students. This is a day to help build up our community while being able to also help make our Garden a much more beautiful place for students to visit. Anyone that is interested in volunteering for the event is more than welcome and encouraged! 

Please reach me at ryan.bolanos [at] if…

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The Castlemont Home and School Club is looking for your support in observing Teacher Appreciation Week, May 8-12. We have several special treats planned over the week for the staff including a catered luncheon and Sodas & Sweets Day. If you would like to help, a form was sent home in your Monday Envelope suggesting different ways you can help. If you have questions, please contact Emily Winters at 408-410-0818 or email Emily at eloek [at]

Give your child an educational edge when you attend this free parent education event.

Parent University: Parenting Student Success Today is a one-morning event that offers parents practical tips, networking opportunities, and the chance to show your child that you value dedicating time to future goals.

Saturday, May 20, 2017   •  9AM – 12PM
Castlemont School, 3040 Payne Ave., Campbell

Registration is free and includes lunch for registered participants.  Check-in starts at 8:30AM. 

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Jog-A-Thon Help Needed


The HSC is currently accepting donations towards the Jog-A-Thon t-shirts. The cost of the shirts is $7 each and we would greatly appreciate donations to help off set the cost. Each student who donates $5 or more will receive a small prize. 

Also, volunteers are needed to help the day of the event. Without the help of volunteers, the Jog-A-Thon would not be possible.  This year the Jog-A-Thon will be held on Friday, May 26th. Watch your Monday Envelope for a teal volunteer form with details about the specific needs. For more information or to volunteer to help with the Jog-A-…

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Celebration of Learning



Castlemont’s inaugural Celebration of Learning will be held this Thursday, April 27th from 6:00-7:30 PM. Grade levels have been working hard on STEAM related projects this year. Projects will be on display for families and friends. Please check the bright yellow flyer in your last Monday Envelope for more information. Don’t miss this opportunity to view these projects in our fun, hands-on event!

Kona Ice will be there selling their delicious shaved ice, too.

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Many of our flyers are sent via email with your weekly e-news! Community programs, letters from the Superintendent, summer camps, and school events information are only a click away.

No more piles of paper that may or may not make it home!

Links to the flyers are at the bottom of the weekly e-news message and with the e-flyers link on our school’s home page.