Castlemont Elementary School

Lunch and Homework Deliveries and Phone Messages

In the office, we try hard not to disrupt the classrooms with announcements and phone calls during the school day. Parents, here is how you can help us to accomplish this:

  • Please make your after-school pick-up arrangements before your children come to school. We try to deliver your messages but we cannot promise you that your child will get the message and delivering the messages is very disruptive to the classrooms.
  • If your child will be eating a lunch from home, please give your child the lunch before school. If you must bring the lunch to school during the school day, we cannot promise that your child will get the message or receive the lunch by lunchtime. In addition, if we need to contact the teacher, we are disrupting the class.
  • If your child forgets their homework or project, we do not send the work to the classroom. We put homework and projects in the teachers’ mailboxes. Often teachers will not collect items from their mailboxes until after school or the next morning. It’s best for you to keep the work at home and have your child take it to school the next day. We will not interrupt learning time with homework deliveries or phone calls.

Thank you for helping us to reduce the number of times we have to interrupt classes. Every learning minute is important!