Reopening Plan

Daily Activities



The group of students in the classroom is a cohort. Class cohorts will remain stable. Students may belong to one other cohort outside of the school day, such as childcare.

Outdoor Instruction and Air Flow:

  • Additional outdoor spaces will be available for students to do learning and activities outside whenever possible.
  • Doors and windows will be open in classrooms to promote air flow. Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately. Layers are recommended with all garments labeled with their names.

Instructional Supplies:

  • Students will not be sharing materials with other students. If you are sending students to campus with their own supplies please ensure they have a labeled box in which to store them.


During the COVID -19 pandemic, it is our goal to ensure all surfaces are clean.  This includes our hands which often touch many things throughout the day.  This is one of the simplest areas for Castlemont Elementary to help reduce the spread of the virus.  Students and staff will wash and sanitize their hands frequently throughout the school day.

Increasing the amount of times students and staff wash their hands and use hand sanitizer on a daily basis is a preventative measure to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Step 1 - Students wash/sanitize their hands upon entry into the classroom.

Step 2 - Students wash/sanitize their hands before going out to recess.

Step 3 - Students wash/sanitize their hands upon entering the classroom after recess.

Step 4 - Students sanitize their hands before exiting the classroom at dismissal.


Students will be assigned specific spaces for recess and allowed only to interact with students in their cohort. We recommend that parents practice with students on how to stay socially distant from others. 

  • The blacktop area will be divided up by cohort and separated using cones, caution tape, and/or other means of indicating the separations.
  • Recess/Break times will be staggered.
  • Students will eat snacks in their designated space. Students are not permitted to share snacks.
  • To reduce close contact and exposure, please send snacks that your student can open on his/her own.
  • To promote stability, the cohorts are to be at least 12 feet apart from each other to the extents practicable.
  • Play area equipment will be used on a class cohort schedule. 

Bathrooms Usage 

Students will have scheduled bathroom breaks. Classes will go in groups, and students will be expected to wash hands after using the restroom.  Accommodations will be made for students if they have to use the bathroom outside of scheduled times, but they will only use their identified restroom.

Kindergarten & First Grade

Location: Kinder/ First Grade Hallway
Waiting area: On the social distancing markers 

Second & Third grade

Location: Second Grade Building
Waiting area: On the social distancing markers

Fourth and Fifth Grade

Location: MU Hallway
Waiting area: On the social distancing markers


During the COVID -19 pandemic, it is our goal to limit the amount of crossing and interaction between all people on campus.  Directional movement has been limited to decrease potential spreading of the virus. Staggered dismissals is one strategy that may be used to support directionality. Teachers and staff will train students on how to walk using physical distancing guidelines.  Teachers will observe students walking to ensure physical distancing is adhered to.

  • Students will walk in one direction with appropriate spacing between other people.
  • Students will walk in a single file.
  • If a walkway must be used for more than one direction, students and staff should wait to progress until the walkway is clear or there is six foot separation.

Reducing the number of times students and adults cross paths in different directions will increase the ability to sustain physical distancing.

Meal Pick Up

  • Staff will follow the requirements issued by the County’s Department of Environmental Health to prevent transmission of COVID-19 in food facilities.
  • Food Services staff will be serving individually bagged lunches for students.
  • Students are not to share snacks or utensils with classmates.
  • Pack a full water bottle for your child. Water fountains at school will not be accessible, but bottles can be refilled at hydration stations.


To avoid additional exposures, visitors and non-essential personnel are prohibited from entering the school, unless prior approval is granted. Authorized visitors and essential personnel must adhere to all school protocols:

  • Visitors and essential personnel must adhere to social distancing protocols and must use a face covering when entering the facility or meeting with workers.
  • To observe physical distancing, no one should practice handshakes or other greetings involving physical contact.
  • If visitors and essential personnel are symptomatic, they are prohibited from the site.

Volunteers are greatly appreciated and valued throughout CUSD schools.

To minimize COVID-19 exposure, school volunteers and visitors on campus will not be permitted until it is deemed safe.

Reopening Resources

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