Reopening Plan

School Routines

Bell Schedule

Castlemont schedule grades 4-5

Castlemont schedule grades 1-3

Castlemont schedule kindergarten

*When a cohort is doing asynchronous instruction (not in person) they will be required to follow their asynchronous schedule. More information will be provided at a later time.


Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

In an effort to ensure safety for all students it is important that parents understand the following   procedures that will be put in place for student drop off/pick up.  Smooth traffic flow requires the help and cooperation of everyone. 

Cars will enter from either of two locations: the drop-off loop on Castlemont Ave. or on Barkwood Dr. for pick up or drop off from vehicles. If you intend to walk your student to the gate, you must park on the streets around Castlemont. The parking lot is closed to parents and families.  Please refer to the campus map for walk-in gate entries.  Not all of our gates will be open.

Drop Off 

  • In order to limit the number of families entering and exiting from the same location we will stagger student start/end times.  

  • Drivers are to remain in their vehicles during drop-off and pick-up for grades 3 and up. 

  • Students in grades TK-2 can be escorted by an adult to the appointed entrance but adults will be required to stay 6 feet from others not in their family and will not be allowed to congregate after drop off. 

  • Please be on time for your designated drop off time and ensure that your student has their backpack/supplies ready to go when arriving at school. 

  • Visitors are not able to come onto campus for now. 

  • Students will be welcomed, and  if needed, they will be supported in getting to their classroom.

  • When using the drop off loop, the student must exit the vehicle on the curb side, cars are not allowed to park in the drop off area.

Pick Up

  • Please be on time. 

  • For in-person pick-up, please have only one parent or caregiver, wearing a facial covering come meet the child near the gate, while following physical distancing protocols. 

  • If you will be staying in your vehicle and having your student walk to you, please have the child’s seat cleared and ready to get in as quickly as possible. 

  • When using the pick up loop, the student must enter the vehicle from the curb side. Cars are not allowed to park in the pick up area.

Parents are requested to use social distancing guidelines outside the gates while waiting for students.

Gates for Drop Off and Pick Up by Grade Level
Castlemont campus

 All students and adults will be required to wear a cloth face covering at all times when arriving and departing campus, picking up and dropping students off or whenever on school property.


Drop Off   8:40 am: Pre-School gate on Payne Ave.          

Pick Up   12:10 am: Pre-School gate on Payne Ave.

First - Third Grade:

Drop Off   8:30 am
Pick Up   12:30 pm

  • 1st Grade Gate: Gate in parking lot on Payne Ave.
  • 2nd Grade Gate: Gate on Barkwood Ave.   
  • 3rd Grade Gate: Gate on Barkwood Ave.

Fourth and Fifth Grades:

Drop Off   8:20 am
Pick Up   12:20 pm

  • 4th Grade Gate: Gate by MU on Castlemont Ave.
  • 5th Grade Gate: Gate by MU on Castlemont Ave.

Tardy Procedures

Please do your best to be on time!

If you arrive after your scheduled drop-off time, you must enter via the gate by the office side door on Castlemont Ave.  Students will be formally marked as tardy if they arrive after the teachers open the classroom to students.  

Reopening Resources

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