Castlemont Elementary School

The Next Two Weeks

Information that will help families plan for school in the upcoming weeks.

The next two weeks bring some scheduling changes.  In order to allow teachers time to prepare for May 3rd, lessons will be asynchronous next Wednesday, April 28th.  Teachers will meet with their classes in the morning to take attendance and then will push out their asynchronous assignments.

Starting Monday, May 3rd, our students will return to full in-person days on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Lunch will be at school.  On Wednesdays, students may take home grab-and-go lunches after their early dismissal.

School hours starting May 3rd:

Monday        8:20 - 2:20 (Kinder - 3rd) 2:25 (4th - 5th)

Tuesday        8:20 - 2:20 (Kinder - 3rd) 2:25 (4th - 5th)

Wednesday 8:20 -  12:20 (Kinder - 3rd) 12:25 (4th - 5th) 

Thursday.     8:20 - 2:20 (Kinder - 3rd) 2:25 (4th - 5th)

Friday           8:20 - 2:20 (Kinder - 3rd) 2:25 (4th - 5th)

Our gates will open at 8:10 and students may come in through the Payne Ave., MU parking lot, or Barkwood Ave. entrances. Face coverings and social distancing will remain in effect.