Castlemont Elementary School

Student Leadership Team - Notes for Support

Opportunity to join our Student Leadership Team and express our gratitude to healthcare workers!

The Castlemont Student Leadership Team is partnering with Notes for Support to express our deep gratitude to the healthcare workers for their service during this unprecedented time.  Notes for Support was created by a local high school student, Gina, who was inspired by the care and support she received during her medical hardship.  Using her expertise in coding, Gina built the Notes for Support website, so people all over the country can contribute by expressing their genuine appreciation to our frontline workers.  As of this moment, Gina has sent over 11,600 notes to 165 hospitals in 40 states.  Sending words of encouragement and comfort will go a long way, and as Gina stated, “There is something so powerful in receiving a physical note in a time of need--it shows that you’re not alone.”

To send thank you notes, please visit the Notes for Support website:  The SLT greatly appreciates your participation in this project and they will be keeping in touch with Gina to see how many notes Castlemont families can send out and where they were sent to! Thanks for your support!

To view our trailer and to learn more about the project, click on these links: